Feminism on the Move: Feminism at the Workplace & Reproductive Labour

Feminism on the Move: Feminism at the Workplace & Reproductive Labour

Here the reading material for this week’s session, dealing with the intersection of Capitalism, Patriarchy and Labour! The organising group has selected three articles for you.

During the session we will deal with three themes: Wage Labour and Patriarchy, the Public and Private Divide and the Dual Responsibility. Keep an eye out for inspiring quotes that deal with these themes as you read through the texts. For the evening itself, put on your organising hats, because we will be working practically with the literature!

We also want to position ourselves a bit before we start: we’re aware that these articles build on quite an ethnocentric and Western gaze. Also, we’re aware that these articles deal with the gender binary as a starting point! Something to keep in mind and perhaps also something that we may elaborate on more during other sessions.
As for food, we will be making pizza, so join us at 18:00 for that. Also, if you happen to possess a tea pot, we encourage you to bring it, so we can have teapots all around the room and have some tea and pie as we are cracking our brains 🙂
We’re looking forward to the session!
Much love, Flo, Ingrid, Jeremy and Ying


Feminism is on the move. Not only in the form of ideas about femininity, masculinity and whatever lies in between. Nor only in the breaking of norms and fight against conformity. We take feminism along in our daily lives. In the jobs that we seek, in the movements that we make, and in the comments that we share.

In this reading group, we want to travel through these different places of everyday encounters. The aim is to rethink these encounters by putting on feminist glasses. But we won’t be limiting our rethinking to the hidden patterns embedded in gender relations. Contemporary feminism can go way beyond. The challenge is to look for the interconnections with other silent voices and reflect on the way our dreams, our behaviour and our institutions are shaped.

This reading group is participatory, self-organised and free of charge. We collectively decide which subtopics to cover and what literature to read by splitting up into groups, which will each organize one of the sessions. The reading group will be in English, held from April 22 to July 1, bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings from 19:30 until 22:00 in political bookshop de Rooie Rat at Oudegracht 65 in Utrecht.

Here an overview of the groups, topics and dates.

17th of June: Feminism, Upbringing & Education
1st of July: ………………………


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