Crimmigration and child detention

In the course of the last three decades, security and territorial sovereignty have shaped the discussion over immigration in Europe. The common Schengen borders are being closed up with fences, extended units of border guards, and the employment of military technology.

Those who manage to make it alive through Fortress Europe, often find themselves locked up in detention centers, waiting for their forced return. These are only a few manifestations of the phenomenon of crimmigration that shapes policies throughout Europe.

In the Netherlands even families and unaccompanied children are being systematically detained. In October a new temporary detention center for families and unaccompanied minors opened next to the detention center ‘Kamp Zeist’.
The new prison is promoted as the humanitarian solution to the long-standing international criticism against the detention of minor children.
But, a ‘child-friendly’ prison is still prison and deportation is still deportation.
Join us for an informative evening and a lively discussion
organized by KSU/BASTA! and AAGU.
Maro Ghini, researcher at Leiden University, will talk about the securitization and criminalization of immigration in Europe.
Joke Kaviaar, writer and immigration activist, will present the campaign of the Anarchist Anti-deportation Group Utrecht (AAGU) against the new detention center and invite us to take a tour with the ‘solidarity bus’ from Camp Zeist to the detention center in Rotterdam/The Hague Airport.
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