Community Economies

Community Economies

Can we survive without the state or the market?

As the government withdraws from public space, small initiatives become visible, holding on to values such as sharing, self-sufficiency, sustainability as well as social and community development. What kinds of initiatives are emerging? How are you and I part of this? And how does all this influence the meaning of ‘economy’?

On this Basta evening, artist Melanie Gilligan, philosopher Aetzel Griffioen and practitioners of local initiatives will discuss these and other questions related to “community economies”

This event is part of (Un)usual Business, a long-term research collaboration between art institute CasCo and Kritische Studenten Utrecht that expores ‘community economies’.


“Ultimately, I intend that all these inquiries answer a
larger question: What can help us change the current political and economic landscape and enable us to overcome capitalism in favour of a new system in which accumulation no longer determines human interaction?” – Melanie Gilligan (2012)


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