Climate Games,  why are they playing with our future?

Climate Games, why are they playing with our future?

The last rapport of the UN´s international panel on climate change is clear. If we don´t switch towards a fossil fuel free society the consequences will be catastrophic. From the collapse of the ice sheets to the mass extinction of plants and animals. It is also clear that human beings are the cause of climate change. The question that remains is what we can do about it?

So far the solutions proposed have not been able to do so. During this evening we will discuss why and explore alternatives that can work. What is wrong with current policies against climate change? And if they are false solutions then why are they still being promoted? Is it possible to think of alternative ways to tackle climate change? And how can we contribute to their success?

The speakers that will help to solve this question:

  • Sophia Beunder, Platform Authentieke Journalistiek
  • Peter Polder, Groen Front
  • Philip, Climate Games Amsterdam 2014

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